About Us

Real Estate Development Enterprise

Misla Hotel Group, Creating an Emerging 
Tourism Destination in the Caribbean

Misla Hotel Group is a family owned enterprise dedicated to the development, design, construction and operation of touristic-commercial facilities in Puerto Rico.


With over 30 years of experience in development on the Island, Misla Family Enterprises has built over 5,000 residences, operated over 500,000 square feet of commercial area and managed over 1,000 rooms simultaneously.

During the past 5 years, Misla Hotel Group has designed and directed a strategic plan to create a new tourist ecosystem in the city of Ponce and the Southern of Puerto Rico. Linking tourism assets in the city of Ponce in a functional and efficient loop, bringing together the hotels with tourist activities and international connection points in order to consolidate a robust and distinctive tourist offer. Our objective is to boost regional tourism and make the city of Ponce known as the new emerging travel destination in the Caribbean.

With this in mind, Misla Hotel Group currently manages: Melia Century Hotel (76 Rooms), Solace by the Sea (101 Rooms), three AIR BNB’s: Chandelier buildings, Gladiolas 1 and Gladiolas 2. In April, the launching of: The Fox Hotel (50 Rooms ), while simultaneously directing the renovation of the Mario Mercado Castle (25 Rooms) in Guayanilla and the redevelopment of the former Ponce Intercontinental Hotel (200 rooms).


All of these initiatives in addition to the role of operating the Ponce Aloft endow Misla Hotel Group with an extraordinary scope in the tourist development of the city of Ponce, managing over 50% of the rooms in the city of Ponce facing the beginning of 2020.


Misla Hotel Group is 
a vertically integrated and 
entrepreneurial firm, 
acting as a developer, 
designer, builder and 
operator of hotel facilities.