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Unique Themed Hotels

The President



Abel E. Misla Villalba


Leadership Role:

Property Management Team


Ensuring the implementation of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives with the objective of meeting or exceeding guest expectations


President at Misla Hotel Group and Board Member of all its subsidiary companies, Educator, Urbanist, Developer, Entrepreneur, Strategist of project development and capital investment for sustainable growth with a background in Architecture, Design and Hotel Management. He was President at the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico in the South Region where his most significant contribution was the creation of the Cartography of the South, the first catalog that integrates commercial assets and the territorial resources of the South; winning international awards and recognition on its greatness. He was Dean and Founder of the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and creator of influential events that has welcomed thousands of visitors per year.

Executive Board

Ramon Misla Villalba

Executve Board


President of This Is It Puerto Rico, Los Flamboyanes Development, Southwest Builders and Paseos del Valle Development as well as Board Member of All Engineering Services Corp. and MHG as well as all of the subsidiary companies. With a background as a Civil Engineer, residential and commercial developer, strategist in construction projects with over 25 years in the field, he possesses complete understanding of all stages of project development, planning, financing and sales. His experience as a trader and management in commercial business has made him project manager for numerous large contracts and run lead on multi-phase residential and commercial projects. He oversees the daily operations in This Is It Puerto Rico and all the digital platforms.

Gerardo Misla Villalba

Executve Board


President of Hotel Meliá Inc. and board member of all MHG subsidiary companies, dynamic developer, construction and design engineer strategist with 10+ years of experience in all stages of project development and it’s financing. He has completed nearly 2,500 residential projects and designed over 3,000. His commercial designs include half a dozen hotels, several prestigious pharmaceuticals, restaurants, universities, shopping centers and government buildings, among many others. He’s also in charge of running point on all government agency permit processes. He has a decade of teaching experience in the Architecture, Entrepreneurship on Development Politics, Economic Feasibility and Finances on Real Estate Developments subjects and the franchise owner of the National Superior Basketball League of Ponce team.

Senior Consultants & Associate Teams


David Talavera Albarrán

Business Developer

Mr. David Talavera Albarran has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in Politics, Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a mayor in Food and Beverage from the University of Puerto Rico ,Rio Piedras Campus(UPR-RP). Post graduate studies obtained in Hotel and Restaurant focused  on Food and Beverages at the Cornell University In ITHACA, NY.

He is certify as a Sommelier by the court of the Master Sommelier and certified as a Sommelier and Chef by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

He has over 11 years of experience in the old Conventional Center of San Juan running thorugh various departments until reaching the position of Director of Food and Beverage Complex Trio, Condado Beach Hotel and Hotel an Hotel La Concha.

Antonio D'Elia Smith

International Business Consultant

Gladys Carrero

Chief Operational Officer, MHG

Assists international investigators sourcing , structuring and managing special opportunity investments in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in general  and provides strategic and corporate finance advisory to international based client.

Delia Smith helps conducting financial analysis and reviews to identify opportunities for new business development in the Latin America and United State, designing and implementing financial strategies to take advantage of new business  opportunities; acting as central liaison officer between the company and financial services, and procedures deemed necessary for the financial division; directing budgeting activities to fund operations and analyzing financial results.

With 17 years of experience in the travel industry and multiple certifications in the tourism sector from Cornell University among other institutions and is currently getting certified with C.H.A. by the A.H.L.E.I.  Her background includes Hotel Management, revenue management, sales and marketing. She began her career in Howard Johnson, Best Western and was later recruited by Hotel Meliá. She efficiently launched and managed nearly a dozen properties simultaneously after natural disaster Hurricane Maria under Ponce Prime Resorts. Her customer service, rapport and bedside manner have been crucial to the creation and growth of building strong customer relationships.

Gladys possesses excellent problem solving skills and a make-it-happen mentality. She’s a fundamental part in our community service program, is a natural leader with the staff and has been a loyal member in the company. 

Our Key Personnel

The Managers            

Desiré Walker

Hotel Manager, The Fox Hotel

Jessica Emmanuelli

Hotel Manager, Solace by the Sea

Eva Chamorro

Hotel Manager, Hotel Meliá

is in charge of digital marketing at Misla Hotel Group. She has a background in International Public Relations, Advertisement and Hospitality Management. She has a degree in Fashion Design which led her to receive an award for the best illustrator and stylist. It was precisely her passion for fashion and style that made her successful at storytelling and communicating brand awareness through social media and publicity. She has an eye for detail and optics, creative and has excels at capturing the beauty in each product, property and event. She has contributed in the launching of two new hotel properties with her leadership skills, building strong teams and empowerment to each member.


Accounting and Finance Team  

Yelitza Ocasio

Accounting Executive

Tamara Holmes

Accounting Director

Janilisse Pacheco

Accounting Executive

Jessica Emmanuelli is the Solace by the Sea Hotel Manager. She has over 21 years of experience in the Hotel, Banquet and Restaurant industries. She has formally the General Manager of Costa Bahía Hotel Convention Center & Casino and performed as a business consultant for several companies in the travel and restaurant industry.

Her background in business and accounting were crucial in the aid of transitioning hotel to new brand names and present strategies to increase ROI and capital investments. She has exceptional implementation of standards and procedures in all of the hotel areas, optimizing service and quality. She stays vigilant to the actual economic trends of the market and brings significant leads to help the company growth. 

She has a background in Touristic Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Management and over seven years of experience in the Hotel and Casino industry.

She oversees the process of reservations, customer service, housekeeping and procedures in general.


She works thoroughly with Sales and Banquets and helps coordinate and organize private and public events. She has experience with suppliers and purchasing and possess excellent organizational skills. 

Misla Hotel Group’s Accounting Assistant. She has over 10 years of experience in the Accounting, Purchasing and Customer Service departments. She helps with Sales reinforcement, Inventory tracking and oversees accounting of Food & Beverage departments. Her work hand in hand with the F&B outlets include internal audit of sales, expenses, payroll and overall cost controls.

She is the Accounting Executive of Misla Hotel Group, in charge of Purchasing. She has over 15 years of experience in the financial departments where she dominates the accounting, administrative and IT departments of the hotel.

She provides leadership in the accounting department, strengthening divisional accounting functions and financial controls. She implements and maintains standards and procedures and prepares all financial reports, statements and projections needed to propel the sales and marketing departments as well as assess the managers. She manages the Account Receivables and Account Payables and reconciles multiple accounts. 

Has over 15 years of experience as an administrator, controller and cost accountant. She is currently the Accounting Executive at Misla Hotel Group. She performs financial analysis, forecasting, budgets, cash management and assists with regulatory compliance and efficiency improvement. Her expertise in audit, taxes, compilation and litigation support have been valuable our business valuation. She assists in Human Resources, payroll and our bookkeeping personnel. 

Her work ethics are impeccable and well as her practices in strategic planning, coordination and understanding the impact of our economy to the nature of our industry. She’s phenomenal with reports and deadlines and has complete dominance of all accounting procedures. 

Sales, Marketing and Events Team  

Estefania Ramirios

Event Planner Executive

Uma Blasini

Strategic Marketing Director

Peter John Torres

Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

Estefania is the Sales & Marketing executive of Misla Hotel Group. With a Masters Degree in International Business and International Marketing and background in Public Relations and Publicity. For over a decade she has managed social media, event coordination and logistics including fundraisers and promotions. She currently contributes in booking MHG venues, coordination private and public events as well as seeks for sponsors and creation of alliances.

Facilities, Management and Planning Team

She is the Sales and Marketing Director of Misla Hotel Group. With over 14 years of experience in the industry and a formation in publicity and marketing, Uma has built and managed her own business, Balance Magazine. A journal dedicated to the balance of Health, Beauty and Fashion. She’s built great interpersonal relationships and has created alliances with companies that help increase sales, marketing and position each hotel and their products. Through her platforms and expertise in the industry, she reaches the maximum exposure and higher R.O.I. She maintained an ample distribution of our marketing efforts and lands new leads within various niches.

He is Misla Hotel Group’s Graphic Designer and Video Editor. He has a background in Digital Animation, Digital Marketing and over 12 years of experience. Some of his work has been for clients such as: Coca Cola, Subway, Walmart, Sears, Maga Foods, among others and has contributed with De La Cruz & Associates and DDB Latina winning gold, silver and bronze prizes in the Cannes Film Festival.

Arch. Josue Rivera

Physical Plant Director


Josue has a Professional Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.  He has won numerous awards including: A’Design in Como, Italy, American Institute of Architect in Puerto Rico, Chamber of Architecture, Guadalupe, New Housing of Puerto Rico, Henry Adams Foundation American Institute of Architecture.

He is currently the Physical Plant Director and Project Manager at Misla Hotel Group. His two decades of experience in the field as Designer, Graphic Proposals, Hospitality Design & Procurement Sourcing and Professor in various Universities of Puerto Rico. He has traveled abroad in search of the best and innovative designs such as China, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

He has contributed with hotels, historical buildings, theaters, art museums, government, residential and commercial structures and has donated his time and knowledge in vertical studies workshops for the Oncological Pediatric Hospital in Puerto Rico as well as the Puerto Rican League against Cancer in the Oncological Hospital of Puerto Rico.

Arch. Jesuan Ramos

Design & Creative Director

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with specialty in Management & Strategic Leadership from Turabo University of Puerto Rico.  He won the American Institute of Architect of Puerto Rico award for The Rooms of a City project and Master Plan design from the Enlace project.

With nearly a decade of experience he has participated in the design and proposal for the Panama Canal surroundings, founded, operated and designed for Punky Collection and has mentored students of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico’s School of Architecture and School of Fashion Design. 

His skills and expertise has been crucial for the design and planning or the Misla Hotel Group properties. His proficiency in Preservation and Conservation design has been key for the design of two historical properties in the historical district of the MHG.

Arch. Carlos J. Soto

Junior Architect

He has Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Architecture from the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico.  He was awarded by the School of Architecture for The Most Outstanding Project of the Year and awarded by the Hon. Mayor of Guayama, Puerto Rico for his collaboration in the design of an abandoned building turned into a civic center which would be used for free education to the community. He has vast experience in designing modular concrete homes, alteration and design.

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